Bringing simplicity, transparency and lower costs to your retirement plan.

We share your mission to help your retirement plan participants achieve their financial goals. It’s why we make a fiduciary promise to every client: we will act in your best interests, no matter what.

We believe that starts by implementing a fiduciary-based service model that focuses on helping plan sponsors and participants make smart, informed decisions to enhance participant outcomes with the upmost transparency.

Buckingham Retirement Plan Services™

We provide support.

Typically when employees enroll in a 401(k) plan, they’re overwhelmed by long, unstructured lists of fund choices and investment alternatives. Engaging Buckingham Retirement Plan Services means working with a plan partner focused on providing participants with clear, appropriately diversified, professionally managed portfolios, and education about how to choose the one that aligns with their retirement savings goals.

This approach helps demystify the complications of retirement planning, making it easier for your employees to make smarter decisions about their futures.

We focus our efforts in areas that can make the most impact to increase participation levels as well as savings rates. This benefits both your plan overall and enhances the experience for your employees.

We provide all of the support you need to educate your employees on the value of your 401(k) plan as part of our core service to you. This includes group and individual meetings, investment guidance and more.

Responsibility is on us.

As a plan sponsor, you are fiduciary to your plan participants. This means that legally you are held to the standard of an investment professional and that you are liable to ensure that you follow a prudent process when selecting and monitoring the investment options in your plan. However, ERISA allows you to put your hands up and claim that you are not a professional and delegate that responsibility to an independent firm. Many plan sponsors are unaware of this option, and unfortunately many service providers are not willing to serve in this fiduciary capacity.

When you hire Buckingham Retirement Plan Services, we transfer that liability away from you and welcome with open arms the role of serving as a fiduciary and doing everything in your participants’ best interests.

Reach your goals.

As Registered Independent Advisors, we provide comprehensive, unbiased investment advice. Our fees are fully disclosed based on a percentage of the assets in your plan, not which individual funds we recommend to your participating employees. This means the funds we select for you are the ones that will help your participants reach their goals.

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