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Bethany Ketron, CFP®

I began my career in financial planning many years ago when I realized I had made some less than stellar financial decisions in the pivotal early-adulthood years out of college and committed to carving a new pathway for my own family’s financial story by pursuing a post-graduate education through the Financial Planning program at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Once the process of filling in the gaps of my own financial education, I became fired up to help other families pursue a stress-free financial pathway towards achieving their most meaningful goals.

I delight in the opportunity to simplify the world of financial decisions for my client families by cutting through all the noise and distractions that abound throughout our news and social media-soaked culture and guide them towards the peace that washes in with a clear and focused financial plan. Nothing energizes me more than crafting a rock-solid retirement savings (and spending!) plan, organizing a savings and planning strategy for college, and facilitating the financial transitions we all face throughout life such as new jobs, new babies, new homes and new adventures!

Our home in Rockwall is shared by my handsome husband, who has dedicated his career in service to our local community, and our two lovely children. We cherish our weekends in fellowship with our local church, chasing our son and daughter around their various extracurricular endeavors, playing various musical instruments (sometimes better than others), and spending as much time with our precious family as possible!

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