Herbein Wealth Management Joins Buckingham


The addition of Pennsylvania-based Herbein Wealth Management means Buckingham now has 14 locations.
Buckingham manages or administers more than $8.5 billion in assets (as of June 30, 2016).

St. Louis—August 11, 2016

Buckingham, the St. Louis-based wealth management firm, is expanding its nationwide presence by acquiring Pennsylvania-based Herbein Wealth Management, which will assume the Buckingham name.

In 2000, Herbein Wealth Management was founded by William A. Morgan, CPA, PFS and several of his partners at the accounting firm Herbein + Company Inc. Like Buckingham, Herbein Wealth Management provides investment management and comprehensive financial planning to individuals, families and businesses. Morgan brings to Buckingham more than 30 years of experience in the tax planning and financial services industries. Herbein + Company Inc. did not join Buckingham and remains an independent accounting firm.

Herbein Wealth Management has been associated with Buckingham for 16 years, thanks to its membership in the BAM ALLIANCE, a national alliance of like-minded advisory firms that engage BAM Advisor Services, Buckingham’s sister company.

“Both of our firms have always shared a core common belief in doing the right thing by acting in our client’s best interests at all times,” Morgan said. “Joining Buckingham allowed us to grow our business and deepen our client experience by aligning with a firm that shares our core values and the same evidence-based investment approach.”

The acquisition also brings Chiara Sockel Renninger, Scott Worley, Brad Brisan, Matt Spezialetti and Debbie Ackelson to the Buckingham team and approximately $368 million in assets under management (as of June 30, 2016).

Buckingham CEO Adam Birenbaum echoes Morgan’s sentiment. “We’ve worked closely with Bill Morgan for many years and admire his team and the wonderful firm he has built. We’re thrilled to welcome Bill and his team to Buckingham.”

The addition of a Pennsylvania office brings Buckingham’s total locations to 14 and total number of transactions to 23 since the firm completed its first in Santa Rosa, California, in 2010. “This transaction continues our strategic effort to provide comprehensive wealth management services to individuals, businesses and institutions all over our country and to help solve the increasingly complicated succession challenge facing advisors in our industry,” Birenbaum said. “This move is a huge win for everyone involved. Our Pennsylvania team is able to offer an even deeper level of service to their clients, while we continue to add to our exceptional talent base,” Birenbaum said.

Buckingham is a partner firm within Focus Financial Partners and home to BAM Advisor Services and  the BAM ALLIANCE, a community of more than 140 independent, like-minded advisory firms throughout the country that collectively manage or administer more than $26.4 billion (as of June 30, 2016).

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Founded in 1994, Buckingham helps individuals, businesses, trusts, nonprofits, retirement plans and medical practice owners achieve their most important goals by creating customized, comprehensive, evidence-based financial plans. Its investment philosophy is rooted in an academic approach tailored to address each client’s distinct willingness, ability and need to accept market risk. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, Buckingham operates under a fiduciary obligation to its clients. The firm’s investment approach centers on modern portfolio theory implemented through passively managed mutual funds and the firm’s fixed income portfolio design and execution capabilities. Headquartered in St. Louis, Buckingham has offices in Dallas, Denver, Houston and Indianapolis, as well as Bourbonnais, Illinois; Burlington, Iowa; Casper, Wyoming; Scottsdale, Arizona; Short Hills, New Jersey; and Irvine, Palo Alto and Santa Rosa, California.  Additional information can be found at http://www.buckinghamadvisor.com.

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