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Mark Winland, once was stationed in Germany, serving as a linguist for the U.S. Army. He performed voice interception and satellite intelligence on the Czechoslovakian army, then prepared descriptive reports on the efficiency of its tanks and strategies used during its war games.

So, it is no surprise that Mark brings a sharp focus and an unrelenting attention to detail to his current vocation. He pores over every detail to make sure clients have all they need to make important decisions about their financial future. He believes the No. 1 way he can differentiate himself as an advisor is by providing the highest level of client service possible.

Treating people with decency is simply Mark’s way, whether he is stopping to fix a stranger’s flat tire or helping clean up a community waylaid by a storm. Then there is this: Whenever he leaves a St. Louis Cardinals game, he will hand his daughter, Emily, a few dollars to give to the ever-present saxophonist outside the stadium, so he can teach her about helping others while rewarding someone who is trying to earn his way. Mark also has a soft spot for sax players. That’s the instrument Emily plays.

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