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In his professional career, Jim Cornfeld has traveled extensively. He spent several years living in Africa and Australia while working for Mobil Oil. As a Buckingham advisor, he has visited U.S. cities all over the map to meet with clients. But the most daunting trek took place when Jim and his wife, Jann, took their daughter to college. The weight of the moving boxes in the back seat served as a reminder of how fast a child can grow up.

When Jim advises clients on portfolio construction, he knows they also value having a different conversation. More often than not, clients find joy in sharing their stories about that common experience: when children venture out on their own to find success and strike upon happiness.

Not long ago, Jim and Jann jumped at the chance to take another drive — this time to Boston to help their daughter resettle as she began her own career. Dropping her off on her first day of work, she took three steps toward the building, and Jim realized his daughter was ready to take on the world. It was a proud moment, one that so many parents have ranked in the category of life’s greatest achievements.

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