Buckingham Named Among 2017’s Top Workplaces in St. Louis

Buckingham Strategic Wealth has earned a place among the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Top Workplaces for 2017, the second consecutive year the firm has appeared in the rankings. This annual award, which is based on feedback shared through a third-party survey conducted by Workplace Dynamics, is especially meaningful because it was born from the thoughts and feelings of our associates.

While this award acknowledges something Buckingham’s associates have long known, it also represents welcome recognition in the community of our effort to foster an environment and vibrant organizational culture that not only encourages associates to thrive personally and professionally but also emphasizes a fundamental commitment to one of our firm’s highest values: To always put clients first. Our recognition among the midsized companies on this year’s list of Top Workplaces shows that our ongoing mission to create a collaborative, energetic and professionally challenging workplace continues to contribute to a flourishing firm culture that both originates with and culminates in associates who sense an alignment of their own personal values with those of the firm.

The Top Workplaces award identifies organizations of all sizes and is based on the results of a survey of our associates. The survey evaluated the workplace culture for several criteria that exemplify a strong organization. Historically, organizations receiving the Top Workplaces designation reflect values that include collaboration, integrity, mastery, empathy, helpful spirit, uncompromising standards and courage.


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