Nationally-known financial author and blogger Tim Maurer has joined The BAM ALLIANCE as its Director of Personal Finance. He will also serve clients as a wealth advisor with Buckingham. Maurer is the latest to join the firm’s stable of high-profile thought leaders helping to shine a light on the firm’s evidence-based investment philosophy and its holistic approach to wealth management, so that clients and investors at large can make better decisions about their financial futures.

Maurer is the author of The Financial Crossroads and The Ultimate Financial Plan. He is also a financial blogger for and and appeared on CNBC, ABC, PBS and contributed to NPR. He is also a sought after speaker on retirement and financial planning.

“I wanted to join The BAM ALLIANCE because it is the perfect mix of mission and muscle. Most important is its commitment to doing what’s right for clients and helping investors discover a better way to safeguard their futures. Combine that with a capacity for excellence at every level and it fit perfectly with my own aspiration to help people navigate the confusing waters of personal finance.”

Chief Marketing Officer David Levin says Tim’s message and reach are a perfect fit for the BAM ALLIANCE. “Tim is a singular talent, bringing fresh, distinct perspectives to the national conversation about personal finance and the steps investors can take to safeguard their financial futures.  To have Tim join our strong roster of leading industry thought leaders such as Larry Swedroe, Carl Richards, and Dan Solin furthers our mission of providing the best financial education to investors throughout the United States.”

“I want to help people to separate the facts from the noise and to make smart choices when it comes to their money and their lives,” says Maurer.  “I can’t think of a better way to do that than by joining such a successful and growing organization.”

Prior to coming on board with Buckingham and The BAM ALLIANCE, Maurer was Director of Financial Planning and Communications for The Financial Consulate, Inc., a Baltimore-based Registered Investment Advisor firm.

CEO Adam Birenbaum says Maurer’s presence is proof that the firm’s strategy to elevate their outreach to investors is working. “We are truly becoming a destination—for thought leaders, advisors, firms and investors—and we’re just getting started. Tim has that rare combination of talent that we think will make the difference in the lives of investors. We feel fortunate to have him on our team.”


The BAM ALLIANCE is a community of more than 140 independent wealth management firms located throughout the United States. Established in 1997, member firms of The BAM ALLIANCE currently serve more than 17,000 clients and their families, representing more than $22 billion of collective assets as of Dec. 31, 2013. Additional information can be found at

About Buckingham

Buckingham provides wealth management for individuals, businesses, trusts, not-for-profits and retirement plans. Its investment approach centers on modern portfolio theory implemented through passively managed mutual funds and Buckingham’s proprietary fixed income portfolio design and execution capabilities. Headquartered in St. Louis, Buckingham has offices in Dallas, TX and Irvine, Cupertino and Santa Rosa, CA.  In addition to its wealth management arm, Buckingham includes BAM Advisor Services, LLC and BAM Risk Management, LLC.

The opinions expressed by featured authors are their own and may not accurately reflect those of the BAM ALLIANCE. This article is for general information only and is not intended to serve as specific financial, accounting or tax advice.

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Tim Maurer, CFP®

As director of advisor development at Buckingham Strategic Wealth, Tim designs and implements focused educational programs for our advisors around the country. His goal is to prepare them to provide an outstanding experience to each and every client through skillful investment advising and financial life planning.

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