Doing the right thing is the only thing to do.

What’s better than looking for needles? Owning the haystack.

It’s true. Odds are, if you go looking for needles – those “next-big-thing” investments or the hot stock everyone’s talking about on TV – you’re not going to get rich. You’re just going to get stuck.

We think letting decades of unbiased, peer-reviewed financial research guide our recommendations is a much better way to invest. Our dedicated Investment Policy Committee actively reviews the latest financial journals and published works on an ongoing basis to ensure our clients’ assets are optimally positioned.

Our philosophy is heavily influenced by the Nobel Prize-winning work of Eugene Fama. Fama’s work since the 1970s has focused on the central idea that markets are naturally efficient. Practically speaking, it means that by the time an investor hears a piece of news about a stock or fund, it’s highly likely that such news has already been factored into the price and, therefore, any advantage of knowing that news has effectively been eliminated. Recommendations based on historical, observable market behaviors and prices takes emotion out of the equation – and leads to steadier, more predictable results over the long term.

Essentially, our investment strategy brings logic, transparency and simplicity to your life. We help you focus on the things you can control, so you can ignore the things you can’t.

Our approach helps you minimize costs, diversify your portfolio and build effective tax strategies. We show you how to take on only the amount of risk you need to take in order to achieve your financial goals.

What’s more, we help you understand the evidence behind it all, helping you feel even more confident in the decisions we make together to best safeguard your financial future.

  • We do what’s right for you.

    Lots of people say they’re acting in your best interests – but how can you be sure?  As  fiduciary advisors, we’ve chosen to hold ourselves to the highest legal standard to act, serve, and advise based on what’s in your best interests.  And the recommendations and decisions we make every day reflect that. Our team of advisors and specialists are here to help you make the most of your money, so you can reach your goals.

    Acting in your best interest.

  • We turn the power of the markets in your favor.

    We believe in using the science of investing to drive better decisions about your money and your future. That means having a well thought out plan and having the confidence to know that it’s been built to withstand the day-to-day, week-to-week turbulence of the financial markets.  With evidence-based investing, you can focus on the destination and more easily enjoy the ride.

    Evidence-based investing.

  • We want you to know what we know.

    Sometimes, it feels like there’s a lot of “secrets” in this business. Not here. Our nationally recognized team of advisors, specialists, and thought leaders publish articles practically every day about topics important to investors.  Why do we share? Because that’s the best way for you to make good, long-term choices. And we believe that if you understand precisely what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, you’re going to sleep a lot better at night.

    A passion for education.

  • It pays to take a step back.

    Being a true, independent wealth advisor is a lot more than just handing your investments. We take a look at your total financial picture – your aspirations, your relationships, your assets, your insurance policies, your trusts, businesses, and interests. From there we create a holistic plan that helps you and the most important people in your life meet your long-term goals.

    Big-picture planning.

Celebrating 25 Years.

Our founders came together in 1994 with a surprisingly novel idea: that clients’ interests should come first. That the Wall Street speculation machine was causing more harm than good. That by putting the power of evidence-based investing and thoughtful, multi-faceted planning to work for our clients, we could help them safeguard their financial futures and achieve their most important goals. Twenty years and thousands of clients later, we are proud to know how our values and approach have improved and enriched the lives of so many individuals, families and organizations.