About Buckingham Strategic Wealth

As a unified organization with national reach, we help more advisors deliver on the promise to understand clients’ holistic financial situation and deliver a plan to achieve their life and financial goals. Under the Buckingham Wealth Partners umbrella, two businesses, Buckingham Strategic Wealth and Buckingham Strategic Partners, help investors and advisors plan for a prosperous life on their own terms.

Transactions Team

We love building partnerships with like-minded advisors and firms across the country.

We walk step by step with our prospective partners, guiding them through a process that ultimately produces firmer footing for their future, as well as the futures of their valued team members and clients. For over a decade, we’ve partnered with advisors who are growth-oriented, focused on their own succession planning, or somewhere in between.

Meet Our Team

Adam Birenbaum

Chief Executive Officer

Justin Ferri

Chairman of Buckingham Strategic Wealth

Wendy Hartman


Jeff McGovern

Director of Transactions

Phil Usry

Transactions Manager

Brian Cheah

Transactions Specialist

Onboarding & Integration

Our Onboarding & Integration (O&I) team serves as your go-to contact as you transition to Buckingham.

The O&I team has helped integrate numerous teams, and we understand each transaction is unique. We customize the integration experience to ensure it meets your needs and agreed-upon goals and objectives.

Meet the Onboarding & Integration Team

Brian Regan

Director of Onboarding & Integration

Scot Colgrove

Onboarding & Integration Advisor

Matt Spezialetti

Onboarding & Integration Advisor

Jeffrey Berridge

Onboarding & Integration Operations Manager

Stefana Szytec

Onboarding & Integration Specialist

Brett Callies

Onboarding & Integration Operations Specialist

We believe doing the right thing is the only thing to do.

Which means we’ll always act in the best interests of your firm, your team members and your clients.

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