Frequently Asked Questions

A: Pillar Grants are awarded to 501(c)(3) non-profits within prescribed areas of interest (see next question for more information on areas of interest). Eligible organizations must have a specific program or project that addresses a demonstrated need and that is supported by substantial evidence and guided by a written plan. Pillar Grants are not made for capital campaigns or solely for general operation support but are meant to support a new or existing project or program. For new programming, the program must be up and running by June 30, 2018, to be eligible for Pillar Grant funding.

A: Each year, Buckingham plans to award five to seven Pillar Grants of up to $10,000 each.

A: With so many organizations doing so much admirable work in the communities we call home, we wanted to bring a bit of focus to our effort when awarding Buckingham Strategic Wealth Pillar Grants each year. To do so, we asked our associates to identify six areas of interest we should consider when determining how to direct our grant program. Each year, two areas of interest will be highlighted; with the others rotating in subsequent years. As determined by our associates, Buckingham Pillar Grants will be awarded to organizations that address needs in the following areas:

  • Children & Youth
  • Education
  • Wellness
  • Community Development Through Entrepreneurship
  • People in Sudden Crisis
  • Community Green Spaces

The 2017 Buckingham Pillar Grant program will recognize organizations whose missions support two distinct areas of interest: People in Sudden Crisis and Community Green Spaces.

The 2017 Buckingham Pillar Grant program will recognize organizations whose missions support two distinct areas of interest:  Community Green Space and People in Sudden Crisis

Community Green Space

This area of interest is focused on supporting projects that promote the creation, enhancement or preservation of natural places for community enjoyment in neighborhoods and municipalities where Buckingham has offices. Qualifying projects are those that focus on physical improvement or creation of community green space, not issue advocacy or educational programs related to environmental causes.

People in Sudden Crisis

This area of interest is focused on supporting organizations whose primary objective is to provide critical support services to individuals and families  combating the first 48 hours of a personal crisis.

Qualifying projects and programs are those that focus on:

  • Responding to as opposed to preventing emergency
  • Performing on-site disaster relief services
  • Addressing emergency housing needs
  • Providing food and meeting critical personal needs to those in crisis
  • Emergency health interventions

A: To make the greatest impact in the cities our associates call home, organizations submitting applications must be headquartered in the greater metropolitan areas of the cities where Buckingham has an office.

A: Religious organizations are not prohibited from applying for a Buckingham Pillar Grant, though the organization must be seeking funding that is not focused on advancing the needs of only a particular faith tradition. Instead, the grant needs to support wider community programming that is open to persons of all faiths.

A: Interested applicants must fill in the customizable fields on the PDF document located for download at on the Pillar Grants web page. Handwritten or otherwise altered document formats will not be accepted. Once completed, follow these instructions for submitting an electronic copy of the application to

A: Applications are due by midnight on Sept. 22, 2017. Applications must be submitted electronically to

A: Recipients will be contacted by phone, and a list will be posted on our website,, by mid-December each year.

A: Funds will be distributed at a time mutually agreed upon between Buckingham and the organization. New program grants will be funded based upon verification the program is about to or has commenced.

A: Email ( is the preferred method of communication for application questions and related inquiries and will elicit the fastest response. In addition, you can call 314-783-2927, but all messages will be sent to the Pillar Grant general voicemail. Calls will be returned as soon as possible. In both emails and phone calls, please be sure to state the name of the organization, the contact number and appropriate email so that we may reply.

A: Grant recipients will be asked to share their organization’s mission and plans for using the funds at a luncheon with our associates. In addition, when possible, we ask you let us know of additional volunteer opportunities so that we may continue to engage your organization.

Please note: these FAQs may be updated to reflect additional information, so please check back before submitting your proposal.